Smooth Sailing

Day 15

Today was a simple day. Besides waking to ice crystals on the outside of our tent, and chilly temps, but once we got going all was well.

Our day was easy and filled with descents. We did our nicely paced 15 miles to end our day at a water fountain. Odd to think, but it is actually quite simply water fountain in the middle of the trail. Apparently up the road is a water facility, and to help out thru-hikers the tapped into their pipes to offer us some hydration -- thanks guys!

So we are camped out here on the side of the road, and have been here since around 1:30. A lot of thru-hikers passed through here, and we met a couple cool ones, one of which hiked the Appalachian Trail a few years back.

We are camped out below the huge mountain we went down from, and it's interesting to see the 9200 foot snow capped mountain on one side, and desert dunes on the other. Huge wind farms here too.

We prepare for a windy night, and are looking forward to Big Bear City on Friday.