Paradise (as we see it)

Day 11

Like every other, we woke up and got on our way. The hike was pretty much the same as the last few days, but I was feeling it. Not sure if it's just the miles getting to me, but today was difficult. The terrain was uphill, but nothing too nuts. I was just fatigued and ready to go back to bed. We came to the conclusion that the sun sucks. It's not that it was all that hot, it's just the way the cloudless sky opens up to the sheer power of the sun; baking, toasting, draining. As the miles passed, we got more and more tired. I felt sick for the last part of it, but the thought of getting into a restaurant and getting a big ol' glass of lemonade kept me going. Finally we made it to the road, and started walking in. We decided we dislike California because it has been a letdown hitching into town-wise. We expected it to be all friendly and hitch easy, at the very least similar to the AT.... however, we were wrong. It takes a long time to get a hitch around these parts. We got to this restaurant called Paradise Cafe, and were greeted (before we got in!) with two huge glasses of ice water. We quickly sipped them down and went inside. We had three small pitchers of lemonade before even ordering, and started to feel relatively okay. We got our big burgers, ate away, cleaned up a little in the bathroom and informed the staff we would be back after a nap under the tree behind the restaurant. After a little napping, it started to drizzle and clouds rolled in. We were cursing the skies for not doing that earlier, but so it goes. We met a few hikers, signed the log book, and saw there is a big pack only two days ahead of us. Ate dinner, and we will be on our way back to the trail soon. We decided that next week we are going to zero again. There is a hostel there which means it should be pretty cheap, but most importantly, give us a break from this intense sun (in addition it is also the 10% marker... It's the little things that are important). It is just draining being outside for so long in the desert! Send us cloudy thoughts! -- Ian