notes from Ian

Day 175

It's hard to capture the feel of finishing a 6 month journey through four seasons, 2,700 miles, and unpredictable circumstances. Our life has been very simple, but also dangerous -- and today that flips. Life becomes filled with things to do, places to be, and responsibilities, and becomes tame and safe. Am I happy? Absolutely. My body and mind are ready for the change, but my heart knows that soon the call of the wild will be upon me once more.

On the Appalachian trail, Andy and I realized life needs to have the discomfort to be balanced. Now that the weather has turned, and the balance of comfort and discomfort has tipped, it's only fitting that it's time to go. It is hard to fully understand and convey the importance of this journey as I sit here on a greyhound bus, but I can say that the people we have met, the friends we have made, and the relationships that grew stronger along the way, have made this adventure an amazing experience.

The shock of being finished is still whitewashing any true understanding of this journey, but the jitters, excitement, and fear of going home is creeping in. We have worked for one thing for the past six months, and now that task has been accomplished, and the goal is no more. What do we do now? How are we supposed to fit back in? All questions that we will answer shortly. Who knows what's in store for us, and who knows what's next.

It's time to go home, be with family and friends, and figure out what normal is again. I remember this feeling from the AT, and this is why Andy and I started The Dusty Camel. The journey is unfathomable, and unexplainable. We hope all can experience something like this, because its a feeling unmatched by anything in the world.

I happy to go home, I'm sad to be done, I'm ready to move forward.

-- Ian