Full Circle

Day 169

The mental frustration that grew over the last heinous stretch grew today as we explored Stehekin.

While it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been with massive mountains, clear blue water and hundreds of red salmon gathering in the Agnus River, it is also CLOSED! Everything was shut down today, except for the post office. If we couldn't get our resupply boxes todayuaV we would have been much worse off.

After receiving the packages we went down to the lake and made a 'lunch' out of old hiker box food. We combined mystery seasoning that I had to cut with a knife, noodles, kinwa and old old old hamburger helper. It was nasty, even for a starving hiker.

After all that we half-hitched, half-walked back to the trailhead and met up with our buddy and only other thru-hiker out here Rockfish. He's from Detroit and an awesome guy who will be joining us for the last 80-miles! More the merrier as we finish this thing out.

Although the mental strain is taking hold, the end approaches quickly.