Ping Pong Ball Surprise

Day 165

Throughout my life I've physically tested myself over and over again. Today however meant reaching a new benchmark for one of the hardest hiking days.

Waking up to snow it was inevitable we'd be walking in the clouds, but just how much snow was there? As we continued on the snow and sky began to connect... and then they did. For a while the ping pong ball effect was manageable, but after two hours of the white and knee high snow- it got dangerous. The gps started to run low on bats and our nerves were tested as we were consumed by the lack of anything to give dimension. We were literally walking off and into massive snow banks. It was hell.

After some time though the snow dissipated and we eventually were relieved to have the trail again (Good thing we sent had the GPS resent out for the last two stretches, or we may have been paralyzed). From there the day got easier, but the time lost meant not reaching our target miles.

I hope tomorrow is different, but I'm not holding my breathe. More days like this and we are going to be very hungry, frozen and torched. Fingers crossed for clear skies.