wonderful people

Day 162

With a load of errands, and a wonderful host, Dan drove us into Seattle so we could go to REI, get some things done, and check out the town. We were excited to see Seattle because we thought we weren't going to get in because of time and lack of a car -- but Dan made sure we got what we needed.

Ironically, when we were in the store, Hetch bumped into a guy he hiked the firs leg of the trail with! Stickman had to get off the trail around Sonora pass, and has been itching to get back on. We hung out with him for a while, went to Pikes Place and got some food, then were off to get our last resupply of the Pacific Crest Trail.

While the last shopping day. Unfortunately not the last stretch. The last "town" we hit on the trail basically closes at the beginning of October, so we had to ship a box of food up. 180 miles to go, and that isn't a mile too soon. Sitting at the dinner table tonight, the three of us barely ate. I think the nerves, excitement, and anticipation is finally getting to us, and we are ready to move forth.

Dan and Tami have been wonderful hosts, have given us the recoup time we've needed, and the strength to carry on just a little bit longer. As the rain pours outside, we sleep soundly (and warmly) in preparation of our departure in the morning.

To Canada we go.

-- Ian