Training Down the Coast

I'm sitting on the Amtrak train that's taking me to Georgia. Looking out the window I can't help but think when I turn around I'll be walking, hiking, climbing and more my way back up to Maine. 

This is a great opportunity for me to reflect on all the reasons I came to the decision to thru hike the AT. I'll take a look at my "why" list and make some last second additions. 

I feel like it's taken so long to get to the starting point. So many personal decisions, sacrifices, restraint, blunt honesty with myself and others, questions, answers, gatherings and goodbyes. Honestly I feel relieved it's finally here. No more talking the talk but time to walk the walk.. Literally.  

On a different note after many discussions with those who know me best a trail name has been decided. I will go by the Moscow Mule. It's a drink I mentioned in an earlier blog. One I will miss and certainly try to locate from time to time on the trail. If you know me then you'll know this is a very fitting name. I'll take it for now but won't rule out a change once I log a few miles on the AT.  

My entries through the hike will be shorter and no judging on the grammar! I challenge you to be perfect after an 18 mile hike in pouring rain, over a mountain, through mud, freezing your ass off and then trying to document your day in a small tent in the middle of the woods! Wait why am I doing this again? 😉 

Next time I talk to you it will be from Springer Mountain. Hope you look forward to it as much as I do.  

Jesse aka the Moscow Mule  


South Station getting my train.