4-20-14 Trailversary: Two years plus one day since I stepped on the AT

It's Easter Sunday, which doesn't mean much to me, not being religious, though I do like chocolate. I don't have any chocolate at home, but that's okay, too. I have whiskey, so that's fine. I just finished my thru-hike here on this blog. It took me almost 16 months since I finished my hike to finish the new blog. Twice as long as the actual hike took me. It's not entirely finished, either. I want to go back and add labels to the earlier entries and maybe even cross link those entries to the corresponding entries over here. Then I will post links at least to the blog posts I've done at The Dusty Camel since I finished my thru-hike and soon both blogs will be up to date and linked together. But that's for later. Today I celebrate that I posted the Dec 9, 2012 blog of the last day of my Leapfrog/flipflop thru-hike, begun April 19, 2012.