AT miles hiked today: 16
Miles to Katahdin: 51.8
Total AT miles hiked: 1251.7
Miles to complete my thruhike: 932.7

Maine is my favorite state so far. I hope to hike the 100 mile wilderness again because I love it here so much. I'd take two whole weeks and a second food drop in the middle. I would hike about eight miles a day, get to some of these awesome campsites I've seen now, and take pictures of mushrooms, moss, ponds, lakes, streams and waterfalls. I love it!

I haven't seen a moose out here yet, but I have fallen in love with the mushrooms. They are something special. The varieties, colors, shapes and sizes are stunning. It's such a pain to get my camera out when it's all wrapped up for rain, but also because I have to weigh the time cost of stopping, unwrapping the camera from its many protective layers and making my trekking pole into a monopod. It takes at least fifteen minutes if I choose to take pictures, and that adds up throughout a long day of hiking so I only do that when the picture is particularly inspiring. I'm already a slower hiker and it slows me down more and I really hate getting into camp after dark. That's why I need a visit with short hiking days and lots of time for photography.

We had lunch on a lovely beach by Crawford Pond, which had one of those campsites I'd like to camp at next time. I've been seeing bright green acorns, which I like. We are tenting at the Antlers Campsite on the edge of Jo-Mary Lake. There is a privy here with two seats called "Fort Relief."

I couldn't believe it when Red Hat and Razor came hiking south and passed us this afternoon. We chatted for a minute and it turns out that all of us had met them at different times in the south. They were the people who gave Houdini and I the ride to Trail Days. I love this trail.

A little later, we rested on some rocks by a gravel road, and a car drove by and then stopped. Abby was driving and she offered us trail magic in the form of peanut M&Ms, a banana which we split three ways and a vitamin water. We chatted and she drove away only to back up the car and offer to take our trash. Non-hikers have no idea how wonderful it is to get rid of the smelly, nasty, bulky trash we have been carrying for days. It may seem like a small thing, but we really appreciate it. Thanks, Abby!