AT miles hiked today: 13.8
Total AT miles hiked: 1503.7
Miles to complete my thruhike: 680.7

Wow, I passed my 1500 mile mark today! That's pretty exciting for me. Is anybody donating towards my Best Friends Animal Sanctuary fundraiser based on 500 mile increments? If so, today is the day! You can go to the right sidebar and select where it says "Donate Now using Just Give." That money will all go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

I was hiking this morning when I suddenly thought I would vomit coming up the ridge called Wolf rocks. Toe knee got sudden nausea, too, but neither of us threw up. We think it's the water from the last shelter. It had a terrible, bitter aftertaste even though it came from a pump. Today was a day of rain, mist and fog. The beautiful, diffused light made the foliage colors very intense and the fog left spiderwebs covered in water droplets. There were a lot of small rocks on the trail. Wind gap was windy and cold. We quickly ate our lunch on the side of the road in the parking lot and hiked up and out of the windy gap.

Dr. Spice and Smoked Nuts are here in the Leroy A. Smith shelter for Toe Knee's last night on the trail. I am sad she's leaving and feeling a bit lost. I am more inclined to dawdle and explore and Toe Knee makes sure I keep making some miles, too. Plus, she's my friend and I'll miss her.