AT miles hiked today: 12.5
Total AT miles hiked:1398.1
Miles to complete my thruhike: 786.1

I hiked to near West Mombasha Rd where Toe Knee met an awesome guy called Spackle on the trail. He invited us to stay with him if we couldn't find another place to stay nearby. We couldn't find anything else and it was supposed to rain, so he put us in his guest house, which had a roof, four walls, two doors that closed, windows that opened and closed, and carpet! Awesome! We didn't even have to hang our food, but we did have to keep the door closed to keep the raccoons out.

Rockin' Robin ordered pizza and rootbeer and we sat at a picnic table in his back yard, watching the sun set and enjoying the beautiful lake view. He has a cute black dog, a great view, with chairs set up in the water to hang out with a beer, and Football! Add in New York "pies", which were a chicken pizza with white sauce and a pasta pizza with wine sauce, and it was heaven. Then the rain dumped down and we were all warm and dry and full and happy. Thank you, Spackle! You really helped us have a great night.