I love EMS. They replaced my shoes because they were ripping on the sides of the shoes and they didn't have 500 miles on them yet. Thank you, EMS! I also bought a new pair of Darn Tough socks because I accidentally left my old pair of REI Smartwool socks drying in a tree in the Hundred Mile Wilderness. The old socks did have a hole in one of them, but they were my favorite. Oh well. We unpacked our bags and put everything out on the patio and grass to dry and then planned out the next week so we knew how much food to buy. We went to pick up Rockin' Robin at the bus station, and she had a hiker with her. She had called Toe Knee, who let Rockin' Robin bring him home. His name is Smiley and he's Irish. We ate Chinese food at the house and met Toe Knee's family. Her daughter, Emily, said she reads this blog to keep up with her mom. Sorry I'm so behind, Emily.

We went to Walmart to do our resupply at 9:30 and they counted down every five minutes over the PA system, telling us to check out because they are closing. Ackk! Too much stimulation! Can't think straight. No time!

I know I forgot something in all that stress and I am up after midnight packing my food. My back muscle is still acting up, so I iced it and put Aspercream on.

My Geiggerig water bladder started leaking out of the seam in Maine, so I called them today and they are going to replace it. They are awesome, too! Thank you, Geiggerig!