We are taking a zero day at the Full Goose shelter hoping for better weather in Mahoosuc Notch. It's a notorious section of the AT, only 1.3 miles, but known as the hardest or most fun section of the AT. We will be climbing through a ravine filled completely with massive boulders.

It's not really raining, though, so it feels kind of like a wasted day even though I've been wanting a zero since the Whites. The others who stayed here last night hiked on today, though we met Mr. Blue who is the first Northbounder who caught us up here. He started later than us and made up about 900 miles on us. These fast hikers with their tall, tall legs. Sigh. That's not me.

My clothes are still soaked, though I wrung them out and hung them to dry last night. My shoes are still soaked, too. We are also waiting for Dame Quixote to come along and hike the notch with us. We heard it's better to have somebody with you so you can hand your packs to each other through the caves and tunnels. I plan to take my time and try to have a good time, like on a rock jungle gym.