AT miles hiked today: 7.3
Total AT miles hiked: 997.2

Look how close I am to a big milestone! I'll hit it tomorrow.

I'm spending the night at the Imp Campsite with my tent on a platform. I'm getting much better at putting my tent on these platforms. The caretaker let me work for stay by decorating a rock wall he had built with logs and moss. I was supposed to make it look natural and I had a good time and felt creative. Ther is a bench with an amazing view just past the shelter here and I caught the end of a lovely sunset.

Carter notch was very steep to climb this morning. Carter notch hut sold us some yummy cake and was the last hut of the Whites. The huts were nice to get clean water and a place to use a bathroom and a table to sit and eat our snacks. Other than that, I am happy to be done with the Whites and their hut system. Eagle Eye woke up sick with the norovirus, but ended up hiking to the campsite. Maybe the privy was motivational? She deserves an Iron Woman award, anyway.