AT miles hiked today: 12.1
Total AT mikes hiked: 1167.0

Today I saw Bebop and Rock Steady heading South. They have flip flopped. I had met them that night at the Dojo in Virginia right before the Leapfrog. It was pretty fun to see familiar faces from down south, even if only for a couple of minutes.

I am tenting at Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to with Chucky da Phish, Eagle Eye, Snowman, and a German guy. On the way up the side trail to this shelter I saw a really neat boulder that looked like a house with hair made of ferns. Then, by the shelter, there is a deep ravine where the brook travels, and there are big, flat rocks surrounding it.

Snowman is a southbound hiker and had 150 feet of rope, which he was realizing he didn't need. I had 50 feet of 2mm nylon rope, but it is too thin to use for a bear rope if the bag is heavy because it cuts into the tree limb and gets stuck. So I traded him my smaller and lighter length of rope for 50 feet of 3mm rope. My new rope is heavier and bulkier, but it's just what I wanted and it's PINK, which I love.

On another note, the importance of toilet paper cannot be underestimated. Both Eagle Eye and Chucky da Phish are out suddenly and I am deciding what I can get for the little bit I am willing to share.