AT miles hiked today: 8.9
Total AT miles hiked: 1093.8

I'm tenting at Poplar Ridge Lean-to, which has a privy that is just off the AT, but is south of the shelter and has no sign. I was hiking along and saw the privy just sitting there to the side of the AT with no warning or anything. I realized I was near the shelter, but it was further past the privy than you might expect, and some of the hikers didn't even see the privy when they hiked past it. I've probably walked right by moose and bears without seeing them, but I did see this privy. There is a sick southbounder at the shelter tonight. That norovirus is still going around.

Saddleback was beautiful and there were great 360 degree views. I met Mr. Bibby several times through the day, and I met several Southbounders. I also met Mountain Guru, who seemed to be local to Maine. Today I crossed my midpoint mileage of 1092.2 just before the summit of Saddleback Junior. Whoo hoo! I am now more than halfway done hiking the whole AT.

When I was on the top of Saddleback Junior, Golden came hiking up with Crush, and Crush took my pictures with the sign. They had been in Rangeley and ended up behind us. You just never know who is going to come hiking along. People you think are ahead of you will show up again, having taken time off or a zero day. I like that.

Tonight when Chucky da Phish came into camp he said he had just crossed his one thousand mile mark today and had whisky to celebrate, so I celebrated by having a shot with him and Dame Q. It was a beautiful day.