AT miles hiked today: 5
Total AT miles hiked: 955.2

We are in the Ethan Pond Shelter tonight, and we got two of the last three spots available. Chucky da Phish was here, and Payman and Twostep, and Chief. We met Dame Quixote, who said she is doing the slackpack, too. So is da Phish, DW, and of course, Chief. There are ten of us who seem to be doing the slackpack (the other two are Easy Mile and Diamond) and we are all hoping there is not a mistake and there really is room for us.

It was a wonderful, flat, beautiful trail today. Thank you! There was rain ahead of us but it missed us because we stopped to picnic and took a long break. All the fast hikers got drenched, but not us! Toe Knee went ahead to meet her daughter, so she will meet us later in the day tomorrow. We are scheduled to meet Low Gear tomorrow at noon. We are ahead of him now. Ethan Pond is beautiful. There was a beaver or was it a muskrat swimming around? I took lots of pictures of the lovely sunset over the pond. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the whole slackpack works out. It could save us two days of hiking and several nights of fees and stress about the huts. Please work out!