AT mikes hiked today: 7
Total AT miles hiked: 1063.7

I hiked from South Arm Road to Bemis Mtn Lean-to where I decided to stay in the shelter because there is thunder and rain predicted later this afternoon. Fishman and Mr. Bibby are here as well as Chucky da Phish and Standing Bear. Golden showed up later and wanted to night hike but decided to stay in the shelter. Rain did come, but it didn't last long, so it seemed like a lot of build up for very little action. It did dampen the campfire, though, and made me bring my wet shoes and socks away from the campfire.

On the way to the shelter I got grabbed by a mud monster (as Dame Quixote said once). I stepped on the edge of a mud puddle and my foot slipped and my leg sank down to my calf. I also bashed my already sore knee on a root. Luckily I didn't sink deeper like Toe Knee did on Full Goose Mountain.

I think we will try to summit Katahdin on September 8th.