AT miles hiked today: 14.8
Total AT miles hiked: 641.9

We met T again and I ran down the mountain today and got to the road 45 minutes before Rockin Robin and Eagle Eye. I was very motivated by what southbound hiker Miles Davis told us. A blue cooler full of cold soda and water was waiting at Route 7 where you head into Great Barrington. Also, there was a phone number for a free place to stay with Bearwalker and Buttons. I wanted to get a spot for all of us there and I felt good and wanted to hike alone for a while. I like hiking with the others most of the time, and I enjoy the company and conversation, but I love hiking alone. I need time to myself with nature. It makes me feel happy and calm.

I followed a ridge down to fields and pine trees in swampy lands and then mosquitos attacked me. Arrgghhh! They ate me alive and made me run through them for miles. I would have rested and waited but I couldn't. I wanted my bug suit desperately, but it was coming with Toni in a couple of days.

What about the cooler!? Is it still there? What if they moved it or took the number down? I still had no guide book for New England and I needed a sign that I hadn't missed the road, and then I reached a dirt road and saw a giant tractor coming my way. I flagged him down and he said I was close, it was the next road. So I headed on and then wished for a way to let the others know where I was. A couple of minutes later two hikers came towards me heading south. They were Uncle Spider and Konan and they said they would tell the others my message. So, with a lighter mind I hurried to the road, found the cooler, met The Badger, and got the last rootbeer in the cooler.

I called the number to give them a heads up and Bearwalker said we could spend the night and he'd come get us when we all arrived. He even took us to the grocery store and laundromat. Thank you Bearwalker and Buttons for helping out a bunch of needy hikers. You are awesome!