AT miles hiked today: 10.1
Total AT miles hiked: 710!

Wilbur Clearing Shelter (.3 miles off the trail)

Eagle Eye and I hiked over Mt Greylock today. Everybody made such a big deal of it that I really thought it would be hard. It felt easy after all that buildup. Near the summit was a small pond with an old, weathered shack right on the edge of the water. It made a nice reflection and I took some pictures. Once at the summit there was a tall memorial building with a sphere on the top. I found out later that it had been built as a lighthouse originally. I don't know the rest of the story, but it was pretty and I liked climbing to the top on the black spiral staircase. At the top in the sphere you have a 360 degree view with plaques at each of the four directions telling you what you are looking at. Is that Mt Moosilauke where the White Mountains begin? Near the base of the memorial tower is a lodge that served a very yummy Ranger Burger and Raspberry Sorbet for a slightly steep price, but it tasted great after climbing the mountain.

When we walked up to the lodge we saw Toe Knee and Rockin' Robin waiting for us. We had planned smaller miles for today, expecting the mountain to be harder to climb, and so they decided to hang out up on top of the mountain and wait for us rather than hurry to the shelter to sit around without a view. We had seem them yesterday and again today, but it felt odd to be separated and I am happy that we are all back together again.

I have been enjoying the pine smell while hiking for the last few days and the sections of soft pine needles to walk on, but I am going to need new shoes soon. I checked the tread on the bottom of my shoes and realized it was pretty much worn flat under the ball of my foot. Maybe that is why I have been slipping and falling on these easy little rocks? The side mesh is shredded as well. I guess I have pushed them almost as long as I can and I have the White Mountains of New Hampshire coming soon. I think I need to get new shoes before the Whites.