Kincora Hostel, second night

AT miles hiked: 13
Total AT miles hiked: 429.3

Bob Peoples dropped us off and we slack packed 13 miles over Pond Mountain and Watauga dam today, and headed south back to Kincora hostel. We got a good deal on the shuttle because five of us wanted to go. I am exhausted after today, so I know that was a good decision. All day as I struggled on the mountain I was so grateful I wasn't carrying my full pack. I'm not sure I could have done the same miles with my full pack. Bob said that we just did the hardest part of the trail on the way to Damascus. We have a four mile climb tomorrow, and then we are on a ridge called the Tennessee Turnpike where we are told we can make some easier miles.

Near the end of the day, Eagle Eye convinced me to take a break and soak my feet in the river, which was very nice. The falls were beautiful and large, and after we climbed up all the rock steps it started raining on us. I was glad we had just finished climbing up all those rocks, which would have been slippery in the rain.

We came back at 5:30 and made another group meal together, which we shared with Bob and Etchasketch, who showed up this afternoon. Now we are packing up and organizing to hike out for real tomorrow.