Spring Mountain Shelter

5-25-12 AT miles hiked today: 11 Total AT miles hiked: 284.9

This is a fly infested shelter and there were bugs and flies following me all day, too. So I had to keep the skirt down, even though I was hot. We didn't leave town until almost 11am and there were a lot of uphills, though I felt strong at first when I passed Rockin Robin, Nice Lady and Donna/Eagle Eye. For once I was passing instead of being passed, not that it's a contest (sometimes I do have to remind myself of that). We all came to the same shelter in the end anyway, though I'm tenting since I don't like this shelter. I miss the luxury shelters in the Smokies with their skylights and covered porches and fireplaces.

My ankle was less swollen this morning so I decided to hike. I didn't wrap it because I didn't have the right kind of wrap and I thought the coban would cause blisters. It didn't really hurt unless I banged it or overstretched it, and I didn't mean to compensate, but by the last few miles my right (the opposite) calf muscle started cramping, and then the hamstring and quad cramped, too. It was hints, not the real thing, but I knew I couldn't do more miles today. So I elevated after I did all my chores, and wrapped it for the night. If it looks and feels okay I will hike 15 miles tomorrow. I felt like it was a good choice to hike on it, I'm just not sure how many miles I should be doing on it right now. Plus my pack is extra heavy with five days of food, or maybe more. It weighed 46 pounds today when I left the Sunnybrook Inn. Yikes! I ate a lot tonight, trying to lighten the load.

Anyway, it's a hot night after a hot and sweaty day. At least the trail was dry and there was water. I'm elevating on my sleeping bag right now because I'm hot in just the liner and my smartwool long sleeve top. It will be in the high 80s all week.