Groundhog Creek Shelter

5-22-12 AT miles hiked today: 7.7 Total AT miles hiked: 247.7

Picture: Snowbird Mountain Bald

I woke up in Virginia and now I'm back in North Carolina or Tennessee. Joe, Houdini and I got a ride back to I-40 where we had left the trail from some wonderful women. Their trail names are Spark to Fire and Buttercup. They wouldn't even take gas money. They are planning to thruhike next year and just want to help the hikers.

I fell for the first time today, into the creek as I tried to get water. I didn't tell anybody, though they were all taking a break at the same spot. In fact, I hid it from them, but I told on myself at the shelter later. My feet slipped on a mossy rock and I fell on the rock and then right on my butt in the water, and soaked my feet. So once again I hiked in wet shoes and socks even when it was mostly dry on the trail. This foot fungus will never go away will it?

Bugs are attacking me, drawn by the light from my phone. I have to go to bed now. Also, three days of not hiking definitely makes you lose your edge. I was struggling today. I hope my trail legs come back quickly.