Total AT miles hiked: 582.2

AT miles hiked today: 12.7

We camped on the side of the AT by the Trail Boss intersection tonight.

I woke up this morning still thirsty and with only a few ounces of water left to get me the next few miles. Thank goodness we came to a road crossing and found trail magic. A local church had left a couple dozen gallon jugs full of water for the hikers. It really saved my day and allowed me to keep hiking. I was already dry and dehydrated from yesterday. We got to a shelter that had a privy with no walls or roof. Talk about a view! I had to take a picture of that one. Eagle Eye found a slingshot on the side of the trail and taught me how to shoot it during a break. We heard about a karate dojo and a guy who was helping hikers by letting us stay there for free, but we couldn't get phone service to call so we cooked and ate dinner under the bridge and hiked on two more miles to find a tent site.

We got nice flat tent spots right next to the trail. At our tent spots we realized we had phone service and I found a message from Rockin Robin on my blog talking about heading north to Connecticut. Wait, can we get a ride now instead of flip flopping in three weeks? We made some late night phone calls and realized we might do a leapfrog thruhike now instead of a flipflop later. Wow, things are moving so quickly. This might really help us out of the drought and heat.