6-20-12 Relax Inn, Atkins, VA

AT miles hiked today: 11.6
Total AT miles hiked: 542.2

We got an early start today, which really makes a difference for me in how relaxed I hike and how many miles I am able to hike in a day. We came across a historical farm museum and got a free showing plus a cold drink. It was fun to explore that, but I didn't plan ahead and have my electrolytes available at our lunch break. I drank about 4-5 liters of water and figured I'd take the electrolytes in town. But I guess I was doing worse than I realized when Eagle Eye stopped and told me to drink water. I told her it was electrolytes I needed and I'd take them in town since we were almost there, but she poured me some and made me drink them on the spot.

I didn't realize how badly I was doing in the extreme heat, but she did. I really don't handle heat well and I let myself get in trouble. Luckily she recognized the signs. I stumbled along until we got to town and then just cried and had an emotional breakdown. The air conditioning and getting out of the sun really helped and so did the hiker burger and salad and other food I ate. I need to be more careful in this heat.

I got a package of Brownies from Aunt Lorrie which we had arranged ahead of time to be sent to the hotel. I shared with Eagle Eye and Crazy Beard and Low Profile, who we found trying to hitchhike back to Marion. Tomorrow is Crazy Beard's 22nd birthday and we invited them over for a visit. It was nice to see them again. I like those guys, even though they make people angry by signing the shelters. I guess it is vandalism and I don't approve of it, but a lot of hikers do it. They are young and crazy, but they don't mean any harm. They are good guys and remind me of my brothers, so I like spending time with them.

We bought a pint of ice cream and put it over the brownies. It was really good like that. Thank you, Aunt Lorrie!