Dave's Place in Damascus, VA

AT miles hiked today: 10.4
Total AT miles hiked: 467.1

I crossed the border today from Tennessee to Virginia. There are over 500 miles in Virginia, more miles than I have hiked so far. I am proud of myself for walking back into Damascus. First I got a ride here for Trail Days, then I got a ride back to the edge of the Smokies, and now I have walked myself to Damascus again. Some hikers didn't go back to where they left the trail. Instead they just hiked out of Damascus and kept going north, skipping parts of the trail. I have seen some of my favorite parts of the trail between the Smokies and Damascus. The balds of the Roan Highlands blooming with Rhododendrons were amazingly beautiful. I'm so glad I saw that.

The trail has been kind to me, but I really need a rest. Maybe I'll take it here, though I still can't do laundry in Damascus.