Clyde Smith Shelter

AT miles hiked today: 9.2
Total AT miles hiked: 368.2

The shelters in Tennessee don't have privies for some reason, but this shelter does have bunks and sleeps up to ten people. We crammed eleven of us into the shelter this afternoon to avoid the heavy rain. It came from a tropical storm somebody told us, but it seems to be over now and we will have clear weather for a place that Wendigo texted and told me was his favorite place on the trail so far, Roan Mountain. We stopped early to avoid the weather and to save the mountain for tomorrow.

We got Eagle Eye back and she saw Rachel, Dan and Rabbit at Uncle Johnny's, so they have almost caught up. Nice Lady's friend, Tony, rejoined them and I met her today. She is nice, too. I think I'm lucky to be hiking around and with so many women, but I don't know if I want to be in any group. We seem to be in the same places anyway, but I may not make plans with them for long. My independent nature feels constricted at times, and then my social nature is happy for the companionship. I don't know what will happen next.

Houdini, Crazy Beard and the guys, including St Nick, were in here playing cards and music when we got to the shelter. We strung a tarp to block the wind and rain, and we all arrived before the rain started, which is an awesome feeling.

After the rain a few of the guys took off to head up the mountain tonight, and the wind picked up and it got cold. I am snug in my sleeping bag and mostly warm, except my hands.

We met Skywalker, Two Dogs, Mr. Clean, St. Nick, and Achilles over the last couple of days. Also Megamind, Snake Charmer, Nice Spot, Three Moons, Grim, JCuse, Sam, Ester, their dog, and others, too.