Cold Spring Shelter

AT miles hiked today: 4.8
Total AT miles hiked: 125.6

Ack! When I woke up this morning in the rain, I knew hiking and keeping this leg dry was nearly impossible. I am still in bed. I did some self help Jin Shin Jyutsu last night, but was still horrified to see my leg in the daylight just now. However, when I compare the pictures from last night to now, I think it is actually less angry. I'm going back to sleep. Probably taking today off in the woods, at the shelter. This way I also can leave up my tent to dry if it stops raining, or take it to the shelter to try and dry it out.

It's wet inside my tent, through no fault of the rain. I didn't close my water bottle lid securely after my "bath"and it spilled overnight. At least it was on the downhill side of the tent and my "waterproofing" for the rain worked out. Nothing is ruined. There is just water puddled in the corner.

I slept in my liner again, with the bag over me, and this time it was the perfect temperature. I slept great last night, finally.

I can't find my new camp towel or two of my tent stakes but I am settled in my tent and sleeping bag, ready to sleep. I didn't leave the other shelter until after noon. I wrapped a Telfa pad onto the worst looking area on my leg and taped it on. I was very careful and went slowly, really enjoying the walk. I saw a spider web full of water jewels and it made me happy. The views were hidden by fog, but I didn't miss any big ones, like from the balds. I hiked and chatted with a day hiker for a few minutes, and also hiked with Blue for a while. Blue and I stopped for a little lunch break in a nice clearing. I left him on the climb up from the last gap, my style being more of a go slow, take small steps, don't stop much on the uphill, and his is more like a burst and rest pattern. I haven't really hiked with somebody until today. I enjoyed it and the conversation was nice, but I do enjoy hiking solo, and having conversions with myself and nature. I get to socialize at camp.

Even with my careful walking I still kicked myself in the left shin with my right heel and hit the irritation, making it itch and hurt. The tape I used to wrap my leg irritated it even more, causing it to spread further, but otherwise look about the same. Pretty freaky. You should see people's faces when they see it. It doesn't hurt at all unless I touch it or kick it.

I might have done the remaining 12 miles tomorrow but now I'll split it into two six mile days. Sir Packs a Lot and Jelly Bean showed up after camping on Siler Bald last night. He has talked me into going to Trail Days, which I was not intending to attend.