Peck's Corner Shelter

AT miles hiked today: 10.4
Total AT miles hiked: 217.2
.5 miles hiked off trail to the shelter

Hey, it's Tennessee! Now it's North Carolina! Now it's Tennessee! We already went into Tennessee in the Smokies but there was no sign that told us when we crossed the border until here at Newfound Gap. Last night was fun and I had no idea there were so many varieties of moonshine. Blackberry was the winner, though grape and apple pie were close rivals.

It was another foggy and rainy day on the trail, this time with thunder and hail, depending on where you were. Luckily no hail or lightning hit when I was hiking, and it wasn't too windy so I never put on my rain jacket until I got to the shelter. I made great time today, and the hiking felt easier than it has been lately. We got on the trail at 11am and I got to the shelter at 3:55. It took me five hours to hike 10.9 miles. That is more than two miles an hour sustained all day. Definitely a personal record, even in the mud and rain. Part of the reason for that is that there were no views again. There was no Charlie's Bunion or anything else to take pictures of. I can only hope that the weather improves enough that we get a view from the Mt. Cammerer firetower before we leave the Smokies.

There were a ton of hikers at the Grand Prix hotel, including Rabbit, Dan and Rachel as well as Slaughter, Test Run, #5 and Zen, Rattle, Super Mario, Word Bringer and a bunch of others.

I've caught up again to my original group. Who knew. We all rode the shuttle back to Newfound Gap today and have been laughing and joking all evening at the shelter. We may all try to hike into Hot Springs together if Houdini and I can't get a ride to Trail Days. We will see.