Tray Mountain Shelter

AT miles today: 5.7
Total AT miles hiked: 58.6

We knew we had two big looking climbs and a late start, so we planned for this shelter. The climbs weren't so bad, and I did the last mile and a half up Tray Mountain in under an hour. Yay for me! Wendigo beat me by an hour and a half but I'm not trying to race him. I listened to music today while I hiked for the first time. I think it helped on the uphills. Singing while hiking is probably building my lung capacity, too, as a side benefit.

Lots of people are here. Probably nearly 30. Some I know their faces but names haven't stuck. Others are Mr. Coffee, Slingshot (who saw me but I didn't see him in Hiawassee), Professor (who gave me a Snickers) and Rainbow and I met several nice section hikers, too.

It's warm enough again tonight that I'm in my liner with my sleeping bag over me as I write. It was a lovely hazy view from up here over the mountains. They say that is the "smoke" of the Smokey Mountains. I cant wait to see them! Also, rubber bands under the soles of my insoles helps a bit with the pain (thanks!). Maybe I'll get some gel insoles in Franklin when I resupply.