Trail Angel!

AT miles hiked today: 6

Last night at the hiker hostel was great! I slept really well once I calmed down a bit and put in earplugs. Then this morning I went to pay my bill and Elizabeth had called and paid it for me! Thank you, Elizabeth! I wish you were out here and that we had gotten a chance to hike together like we planned.

I'm taking my time, enjoying the nice weather and waiting for my water treatment to activate before I add it to my gatorade bottle full of water from a stream. Springer mountain was green and pretty and there are nice people everywhere.

I met a man named Mark on top of Springer who had climbed the approach trail last night and then pulled his calf muscle after a mile and a half up to Springer this morning. He had meant to hike long distances on the AT and now has to take some time off. I'm glad I didn't hike the approach trail. I needed today to figure stuff out and dawdle and take pictures and figure out some of my system.

It's 5:50 now and I hiked to Long Creek Falls. I decided to "stealth camp" near the falls. I got some awesome photos after dusk. Also, my feet hurt and I was dragging. I only meant to hike 6-8 miles a day the next few days anyway and there is no sense in overdoing it on the first day. This is much longer than a marathon and I can do what I want! I can stop when I want, sleep and eat when I want. This is great.