We have a winner!

I think.

So, I got new shoes, again. These ones are Brooks Cascadia 7 women's size 10.5. I love them so far and I've been wearing them all over as I run my final errands. They are very comfortable on city sidewalks, so I hope that is a good sign for the trail. Thanks to everybody at Foot Solutions in St. George for ordering them in and being so helpful.

My friend, Joyce, also sent me some special insoles to the hostel in Georgia. I'm excited to try them out, too, but nervous that it's all so last minute and shoes are my most important piece of gear. Which is why I'm being so picky about getting the right ones, of course.

I am very glad I tried so many shoes on my search for the best ones for me. I'll probably have to replace these shoes three or four times in the 2,184 miles and I may even end up with different shoes as I go, but at least I have shoes I love to start with.

I also got some "invisible shoes" from invisibleshoes.com. I love them! They shall be my river crossing, shower and camp shoes. If things seem right I may even hike in them sometimes. They are way more comfortable than my vibram five fingers and much lighter weight.

I am at my very good friend's house in Denver, settling my dog in. She'll be staying with Katie and Darryl for the next six months. She fits right into their home and family and although I know she'll miss me, I know she will have a great time with them. I am almost ready to go and when I let myself think or stop doing things for a minute I feel the anticipation rising inside me. I still have the last few things to get done and settled before I go, though, so I haven't had much time to worry. I wonder how I'll feel on the night before my flight to Atlanta. This week I'll be on the Appalachian Trail!