Amazingly, I don't have a hangover after last night, but I am tired and trying to figure out a way to get to my aunt's viewing and funeral, which is on Thursday. I can fly into Vegas on Weds instead of Denver with my buddy pass, but then I am stranded without a way to get to the funeral or back to my car and Maggie dog, which are in Denver. I put my situation on Facebook and I guess I'll see what happens.

Rockin' Robin couldn't make the party last night but she drove over five hours to come get me and Eagle Eye at the dojo this afternoon! She brought food and snacks and all sorts of supplies she knows hikers (and road travelers) love. She visited with Nigel while we packed up our stuff and we all said goodbye. Thank you, Nigel! You were wonderful to help us out like you did.

City Slicka knows Rob Bird, and when he heard we were trying to find a place to stay in Erwin, TN, he called up Rob and next thing we knew Rob had invited us to stay the night with him. We had stayed with him at the Birdcage in Dalton, MA, and now he has moved to Tennessee and helped us out again. Thank you City Slicka and Rob Bird! We got to visit with Rob tonight and I plan to sleep in tomorrow while Eagle Eye hikes twelve miles she missed near here. Then Rockin' Robin will drop her in the Smokies and me at the airport in Charlotte. Thank you, Rockin' Robin! You are a trail angel now, too!

Some friends of mine, Jason and Laural Wilcox, offered me their frequent flyer miles to help me get to Denver after the funeral. Thank you!! I can't thank you enough for your generosity and heart. Even though I'm off the trail now, this still feels like trail magic. It sucks to come off the trail and go straight into mourning but it would be even worse to not be able to be with my family, especially my dad, at this time.