Days since my thruhike began: 219

We decided to make Black Friday a zero day since we didn't get any chores done last night because everything was closed. I got a blister under my blister, and developed a new one on the bottom of my heel and my knee could probably use a rest.

Gary, who's trail name is Ducky, brought us yummy cookie bars his wife had made, then drove us to the Post Office, then Hardees and then dropped us off at the laundromat where I washed all my clothes while wearing only my rain coat and pants.

We walked to the Dollar General after doing laundry and Eagle Eye got salisbury steak and canned peas and corn for our own hiker Thanksgiving dinner. Then she rehydrated stuffing and mashed potatoes from our food bags. We got more eggnog and ate until we were stuffed. That was more like Thanksgiving and I had a productive day, too, so I am ready to hit the trail again tomorrow.