Days since my thruhike began: 207
AT miles hiked today: 3.5
Total AT miles hiked: 1853.0
Miles to complete my thruhike: 331.2

I'm tenting at Big Meadows Campground where there is a warm laundry room that is open 24 hours and we are hanging out in here for the warmth, and I'm charging my phone. There are coin op showers in the bathroom and I loved my 15 minute shower. I am grateful to be out of the wind.

The only snow hiking today was to get back out of the shelter area and onto the AT, so the trail is covered in dry leaves again. I miss my Dirty Girl gaiters. I already got rocks in my shoe so I put on my tall, new gaiters to keep the debris out of my shoes. The ankle brace works well but I have developed a blister on the back of my heel from my new shoes, or maybe from the brace. I miss my blue super feet insoles, too.

I keep meeting so many nice people. We went to the Big Meadow Wayside and I got a coconut neapolitan candy bar. I am sitting in the warm laundry room, snacking and delaying going back to my tent. Maybe I'll just sleep in here.

I feel we should have hiked on, but I was not sure where to tent and didn't want to night hike again. We are getting closer to Waynesboro, and the end. It's very windy and cold tonight and I'd still be hiking right now at 7:45pm had we gone on to the shelter. I'm so glad we didn't. I like winter hiking! Maybe not winter camping quite as much.