Days since my thruhike began: 192
AT mikes hiked today: 6.3
Total AT miles hiked: 1753.8
Miles to complete my thruhike: 430.4

I hiked into Harpers Ferry and went to the ATC headquarters where I got my picture taken and put in the 2012 album, as is the tradition. I'm number 95 of the 2012 Alternative thruhikers. They number each category separately for Northbound, Southbound, Alternative and Section hikers. I spent a lot of time looking through the other albums for hikers I met along the trail. There were a lot I knew who made it this far!

The ATC was having a pumpkin carving contest and had snacks and hot cider for everybody. There was also a great hiker box, where I found fuel, food, and soup. I really felt connected to the other AT hikers and felt like a part of a community that is much bigger than I knew when I started this thruhike. I see why some people never leave the AT, at least not in their hearts.

Piper, who I first met in Maine on Saddleback Junior was there with her parents. Sprinkles and No Key, who I also met in Maine, near Caratunk, had finished their hikes a month ago and were filling out their 2,000 miler applications. It was great to see everybody there and we talked about Hurricane Sandy which is blowing in. We found a great place to stay at the Teahorse Hostel until Low Gear comes to get us tomorrow morning. He is taking us to his house near Washington DC to ride out the storm. This is major trail magic, just when we need it the most. Thank you!

Lauren is the owner of the Teahorse and it is clean and pretty and there is a nice couple staying in the other room. The rest of the bunkhouse is vacant so Eagle Eye and I get to have our own bathroom and it has a jet tub! I took a bath almost as soon as I got there.

Jenn sent me my rainpants and my fleece gloves for the cold weather. Thank you! I'm going to need them. Rockin Robin sent us a package with blaze orange ski caps and she sent me a tin of band aids that is red and says "Keep Calm and Carry On." I love it! Thank you, Rockin' Robin!