AT miles hiked today: 12
Total AT miles hiked: 1549.2
Miles to complete my thruhike: 635

I'm tenting near The Pinnacle, but I may have missed my chance to see the view because there may be fog tomorrow. We met these brothers, Dean and Ryan, who we leapfrogged with for the last few miles. Then we found them building a fire in a large circular, flat area. It's wet, from the rains of the last few days, but then again, so is everything, including our socks and shoes and Eagle Eye's tent, which she washed after Chris, (who is still in the shelter other hikers report) slept wrapped up in it.

Dean and Ryan were amiable to letting us share the area with them, especially as they aren't using tents. They are cowboy camping, which I think is brave after all that rain. It is supposed to be dry tonight, and I used the fire to dry my socks and shoes and we chatted. It was fun to socialize, and it's hard to turn away from a good fire.

The Ekkridge Shelter was a nice place to stop for lunch, because it has a caretaker and a flush toilet, running water, a solar shower (not useful this time of year), and trash cans. Pizza can be delivered. But we didn't stay. It was too early in the day, not even 3pm yet. We met Flat Hat there and he agreed, as he headed North. We exchanged info on tent sites and water and went on our separate ways.