AT miles hiked today: 16.8
Total AT miles hiked: 1612.3
Miles to complete my thruhike: 571.9

I have hiked over 1600 miles!

I am tenting somewhere around PA 325 and it's 9:30pm and for the second night in a row we set up camp in the dark. Chenango, a hiker we had met on the trail in New York,met us at the road as he was heading south to Harpers Ferry to the ALDHA "Gathering." He was passing by anyway and when he heard about the lost wallet and our need to get Eagle Eye's phone charged and get online so she can deal with this, he offered to take us to Duncannon.

We met him at the road about 6pm and he drove us the 25 minutes to the Doyle in Duncannon where he bought us dinner. We met Vickey and Pat at the Doyle and I look forward to hiking back there and arriving on Saturday morning to see them again. We also met JB, a triple crowner (which means he has hiked all three of America's long distance trails). He bought us a round of drinks/sodas because we are currently hiking the trail. Thank you!

We will take a zero at the Doyle and spend the night when we hike into Duncannon, but tonight we are back in the dark and cold after a lovely treat. Eagle Eye got the phone numbers she needs to cancel her cards and charged her phone to make the calls from the trail. Thank you, Chenango! You were the perfect trail angel at the perfect time.