Grayson Highlands State Park

AT miles hiked today: .4
Total AT miles hiked: 500.5
Non AT miles: 4

We camped at the Grayson Highlands campground tonight after a strange and interesting day. Yesterday Eagle Eye and I decided to go back up to the AT, hike the 3 miles to the Wise shelter, spend the night near there and come back for the Bluegrass Festival. I bought a shower and everything. So we slept in on our zero day and took our time getting on the trail. We had all day free for this festival. Then we couldn't find the trail we had been told about, or get clear directions, or agree on which way to go. I got us lost. Well, actually, we knew how to get back the whole time, we just went the wrong way halfway down the mountain and then had to come back up. It was one of the lowest moments of my trip so far. What was the point of this? Was this supposed to be fun?

But we got back to the right trail, found the campsite and got our showers. Then we found a ride from a wonderful couple who took us to the festival. The music was great, the food was good, the people were friendly and it was nice there. We even got there late enough that we didn't have to pay to get in. I am glad we went, even though it didn't turn out like I expected. That horse trail got us lost TWICE!

Anyway, we got a ride back from people we had chatted with at the festival, and even though the campsite was fully reserved a man and his wife saw an empty site and came to try to help us find a campsite here. So, actually, the day was full of magic, it was just that I struggled to appreciate it. How sad. I can't wait to get back on the trail. This was supposed to be a treat and it seemed to go all wrong, though out worked out okay in the end and I met amazing people over and over again. Thanks to all of you who helped us out! Hopefully we can find our way back to the AT tomorrow. I am ready to hike some big miles.