Let's get real

Okay, here is where I give out my stats and make my weight loss process part of this blog.  At least it won't be as public as if I went on The Biggest Loser, but feel free to make it more public.  Hah!  I hadn't set some deadline for myself to get serious, but on December 1st it all seemed to come together and I went grocery shopping for, among other things, lean meats, whole foods, eggs, cottage cheese, beans, veggies, triscuits, string cheese, walnuts, almonds.  I know it's not perfect, but it's such an improvement over how I have been eating that I know I will lose weight on these kinds of foods like I did before.  I'm allowing myself popcorn (homemade) as a carby treat, dark chocolate and fruit as sweet treats, and red wine as my approved alcohol.  In moderation.  Hey, I'm not perfect, and it worked before.  When I got really strict with my diet is when it kind of fell apart, so I've learned that allowing myself a little leeway is the only way I will stick with it.

I've worked out every day on my rebounder since December 1st.  I love that I can do it inside while watching tv and it still kicks my butt.  I am so out of shape.  My cardio isn't worth crap right now and my calves get so tight on the rebounder that I have to switch exercises so I can keep going.  Which means I'm making progress.  The more I think about it, the more perfect a rebounder is to begin my training on.  The stairs will begin soon, with my loaded pack on my back, but I'm pretty much at the beginning again and the rebounder is much kinder on my joints than actual running/climbing will be. 

As of December 1st I weighed 220 pounds and wore around a size 18 pant and XL or XXL shirts.  Hopefully all those numbers will drop quickly.  I am 5'6" and I felt great and looked great (I was told and I thought so myself) at around 180 pounds so that is my goal.  I know most people would still call me obese at 180 pounds, but back off.  I'm no stick figure and I don't care to be.  By the time I leave on my hike in mid April, I would like to be very near 180 pounds and then I hope to lose more on the trail.  My highest weight was 240 pounds and I feel uncomfortably close to that right now.  So, forty pounds in four and a half months is my goal.  Honestly, if I just get into the 180's before my hike, I'll be thrilled.  I plan to wait to purchase any more clothes until pretty close to my departure.

I have this hope that I might get into the 160's or 150's while I hike.  In high school I played sports and we worked out every day for hours.  I was the fittest I ever have been and weighed 160 pounds and wore a size 12 pant.  Of course, I thought I was fat then.  Why is it we never appreciate where we are? 

Anyway, now that I've publicly announced my numbers and my goals, I realize I have opened myself to people telling me what they think about that.  Fine.  It's motivation for me and hopefully will inspire me and hold me accountable and even if it pisses me off, April and 2183 miles keeps right on coming, so bring it on!

Also, fat people CAN hike.  I climbed Mt Katahdin and Angel's Landing at 220 pounds and I wore a pack both times.  Of course, I barely climbed Katahdin.  I think pride is why I finished that hike, honestly, because it was the hardest thing I have physically ever done.  I loved it and I've read info from the ATC (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) that the 5.2 miles each way on Katahdin are the hardest five miles of the whole AT.  Well, there you go.  If I could do that fat, and I did, then I just have to keep up my mental stamina and I can do the whole AT, one mountain, one climb, one step at a time.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming (sorry Finding Nemo flashback).