Asolo TPS 520 GV: A 2,000 mile test

Asolo's defining character trait is fit and durability. The Asolo TPS were built around these characteristics with labored craftsmanship class and wisdom. This is my second pair of TPS's, so they are not a new boot to me. The first time I used them was on the Appalachian Trail in 2009. After 1,300 miles they were worn, but I still use them for fieldwork and the occasional mountaineering pursuit.

The second time around for the Pacific Crest Trail I knew what boot I was getting, TPS. However, having them from the start really brought out the personality of these boots.

After thousands of miles (without any maintanence whatsoever) the soles are rock solid- rigid enough to take on the Pacific Northwest's craggy volcanoes and keep me . Asolo uses a three part sole system that works beautifully and maintains its integrity over any terrain.

Beyond the rigid soles the boots just fit. Right out of the box I took them for a six mile stroll in central park, then follow that with 700 miles in the Mojave Desert, 600 miles in the High Sierra, 400 miles in the foresty hills of Northern California and all the way up Oregon (all under five months). From the package to their ceremonial burning on the Washington border the boots maintained their structure and fit perfectly. Between two pairs and 3,300 miles I've gotten only one blister (swampland in Virginia). The heel holds snugly in the back of the boot, while the toe and front area has room for swelling without having your foot move in any negative way.

Also to be noted about these boots is they come in wide! Now, I'm not sure what qualifies as wide because I am a size 13 and have absolutely no arch, needless to say my foot is very wide. However, I did not need to purchase the wide version of these boots. Unless you are using them for winter hiking with insanely thick socks I would suggest going with the regular fit.

The only downfall for these rugged warriors is their weight, 3lb 10oz. It's a lot and it's noticeable, but they'll last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Also, depending on usage they should be resoled around 1,100 and 1,400 miles of use and the leather should be oiled regularly.

By the end of the trail we were calling these boots the "Brett Favre" of the Pacific Crest Trail community. They just won't quit!