Icebreaker GT 200 Leggings

Ahh the beautiful world of leggings. No longer are they just for base layers, the GT leggings offer the best of both synthetic spandex and wool long johns. With 2% Lycra, the shape of the leggings are always kept in tact. Even after a week of wearing them hiking, they still fit snug -- unlike 100% wool leggings that will start to sag and stretch between washes.

At first, these leggings were thought to be used in camp as a comfort item that would keep our temperature regulated, and feel soft against the skin. However, soon after trying them out, we decided they stood up to the wear and tear of a thru-hiker. On chilly mornings, or even when the sun is too hot and begins to burn the backs of our legs, we throw them on to protect our legs, and give us exactly what we need (warmth, being kept cool, or coverage).

The Pacific Crest Trail is not as 'groomed' as many trails, thus we tend to walk through a lot of knee high brush, and plants. Our legs are covered with cuts and scratches. However, these leggings hold up strong. While the threading on the sides have been brushed and pulled a little, there are no holes or cuts to report, proving they are durable enough to last.

With the gusseted crotch stitching, there's no chafing lines, the lycra keeps the shape long lasting and prevents muscle fatigue like spandex, and weighing in around 10oz, they make for a light edition to any pack. We are happy with these bad boys.