ProBar, pro performance

After 14 miles of potholing through afternoon slush 5 feet deep for over 8 hours, I sat in front of the Pacific Crest Trails highest point -- Forrester Pass. Normally, this climb is tough, but doable with persistence. However, due to the high snow year, the switch backs were entirely covered with snow, and the only way up was just that... up. The 600 foot climb was literally straight up.

Little did I know the importance of my last snack before this climb. When I reached into my hip belt and found a ProBar waiting for me, I was ecstatic. The dense calorie rich nutritional bar was what kept me going for the last 5 miles, over 1000 feet of climbing and even more of descending. It gave me the energy needed to complete one of the toughest hiking days of my life.

ProBars have always been my go to for lunch while hiking. They are much more tasty then some other high calorie, meal replacement bars, and are nutritious in addition to being ridden with calories. Nearly 400 calories in only a few ounces, it makes it a lightweight option too. I will admit, they can be a little stiff and dry in colder conditions, the makers understand this and try to combat that with dried fruit. With lots of dates inside many of the flavors, it gives the moisture needed.

My favorite flavors are Banana Boom, Old school PB and J, and Super Food Slam. They are tasty, interesting flavors, and keep me going through the day.

While I have always been a fan of these, only after my day going up Forrester did I really appreciate the true value of having a quality bar to give me that extra push to end the day.

-- Ian