Buck Knives Flashpoint Pocket Knife

When in the backcountry, a trusted knife is essential. You never know what you may need it for, and sometimes you may not even use it -- but it's always good to have. The Flashpoint from Buck Knives is one of those tools you'll want to have on you at all times.

While a little on the heavy side, the Flashpoint has a great opening and locking system. Easy to open with one hand, it makes for getting the knife out in a quick situation easy. To open, you just hold he lock down, and roll your finger on the top of the knife to reveal the blade. With the half serrations, it allows for a wide range of use -- from cutting off fish heads, to slicing rope. The blade is remarkably sharp, and the serrations part of the blade will slice through nearly anything.

It has a nice feel in the hand, and a nicely balanced blade and handle. The balance is centered right under the lock, to be in line with the finger groove on the handle. The pocket clip isn't flat, allowing your finger to rest nicely on the clip. The clip itself is strong and I haven't had an issue with it at all. It bounces between my shoulder strap connected by the built in biner, or in my pocket.

With the biner and the auto lock, you can safely clip the knife onto a pack, and not worry about it accidentally opening. With one of the most important tools built into the biner -- a beer opener -- it makes sure to stay used often. One of the best parts? Comes in Dusty Camel orange!

I can tell this will be a knife that sticks around for a long time to come!

-- Ian