One Reason We Do This

Economist Henry Jacoby was interviewed recently on NPR's excellent Planet Money podcast. At one point he said: 

The kind of standard line you have in international discussions is we’re trying to limit the increase to 2 degrees. That’s something that would avoid the really bad outcomes. If you get to 5 degrees, we’re talking about a world that we don’t really understand. It’s deadly serious business. If we could hold it to 2 degrees, which won’t be easy, we could probably survive a lot better. But 5 degrees is effects on ecosystems, agriculture, on sea level rise – is something that we just barely understand. 

We all care about climate change. But it's such a huge issue I often find myself just kind of...forgetting about it for weeks at a time. Then something like this will snap me back and I realize - it's up to us to get outside, enjoy our wild spaces, and think about how to protect them. 

Peace guys. Get it.