When Electronics Get Wet


In a day an age where a phone is not just a phone, but a offline GPS, emergency beacon, entertainment system, and all around good thing to have in the outdoors, it means more broken electronics. While drops and cracks will still be numero uno for malfunctioning phones, moisture is a close runner up. 

The downfall to electronics, moisture can get in to anything. It doesn't need to be dropped in a puddle, or with you when you fall in a river. It can be the rain wetting through your pocket, a spill from your water bottle, or even just a drop of dew falling into the wrong place. With the importance of keeping your electronics working, here are two solutions!

Liquipel. Wow, what technology has done. A new company will take your phone -- for a small fee -- put in a vacuum, and exposes it to a waterproofing agent in gas form which completely engulfs your phone. This gas coarses through the phones veins, and 'waterproofs' just about everything; from inside out. No more worrying about being on the phone when it starts raining. Your phone will be functionally waterproof and impervious to all spills and droplets. 


Should you not want to part with your phone, or shell out the some 60 bucks it costs, Bheestie bag has another solution. For all of you who have heard about the 'rice' method for drying out electronics, Bheestie has taken it one step further. Claiming up to 700% more effectiveness than rice, these little bags encase blue capsules which absorb moisture as if it were a carnivore eating bacon grease. Throw your wet phone, camera, iPod, or GPS in one of these bags as soon as you can, and hope for 24-72 hours. While they don't guarantee your device will work, it gives it a snowballs chance to make it out alive. A good thing to have in the car, pack for weekend trips, or bathroom (lets be honest, we all text while in the bathroom...).


Liquipel $60-$80

Bheestie $20