Thru-Hiker Tested, Thru-Hiker Approved

(Pictured above are the Icebreaker, mid-weight, merino wool hiking socks. At the 1,000 mile mark they are still in great condition)

The great Mojave Desert- a seven hundred mile test of guts, will and determination. We trucked through this section in our full grain leather hiking boots. While this gear choice was uncommon, many people used trail runners for that section because their feet grew too hot, we experienced no problems and NO blisters! How did we do it? Great socks.

Every active outdoorsman knows socks are the key to a comfortable experience. If they don't wick moisture, or if after a day of hiking they turn hard and lose their cushion you'll find blisters on your feet- and that's no bueno. For these reasons we heavily researched and field tested our socks before taking them on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Equipped with two pairs each of Icebreaker mid-weight hiking socks we put them to the ultimate test, and they far surpassed our expectations. Even through twenty mile days in the scorching sun our socks maintained their cushion and kept our feet relatively dry. The quality of merino wool is unmatched with Icebreaker products and it shows. How many pairs of socks do you own that could endure 1,000 miles in varied and intense climates and only minimal washing? Unless you own a pair of Icebreakers I doubt any.

The icing on the cake for these guys are their ability to remain stink-free. Although we may be smelly, our socks are not. This helps when we are in towns for resupply and don't stink up the grocery store... Too badly at least.

At $18 a pair they may seem a bit pricy, but they'll outlast any other sock on the market, period. When your in the great outdoors feet are not something to gamble with and these socks are thru-hiker tested, thru-hiker approved.