Camera Equipiment on the PCT

As you know (if you follow our site) we aren't only lugging our house, kitchen, or fridge on our backs, but we are also carrying a filming studio. We will film the 2,660-mile long trail, and bring to you a story unlike any other. When picking out the equipment we needed, there were a combination of must-have requirements, and very helpful additions. With major help from Mountain Hardwear, we were able to get the equipment needed. Otterbox, and Rode Microphones were also a big help in this department.

Our major rig is a Canon Rebel t2i with the stock 18-55mm IS lens. In addition to that, we have a lens hood (to prevent glare) and the Rode VideoMic Pro. We picked out this camera because not only does it take stunning still photos, but it shoots in 1080p at 60 frames per second. This camera is light (for its class) weighing in at 18.7 ounces. But with 18 mega pixels, it is well worth the weight. The mic is a scant 3 ounces, and offers professional grade audio. It sits in the flash holder, and my favorite part about the mic is that it is completely suspended in air. With the help of soft, rubber band-like contraptions, the mic is supported by an exoskeleton preventing any internal camera movements, or vibrations to disrupt the audio.

After many tests, we found that we needed super highspeed memory cards in order to write all the data its shooting, and got to the SanDisk Extreme Pro. Thanks to B&H and their relatively cheap prices, we were able to get three 32gb cards for the Rebel (which write at 45 mb/s!). With an extra battery, and the Brunton SolarRoll/Sustain combo, this bad boy will be charged at all times.

With the need to keep the camera protected, but accessible, I had a long arduous search for a worthy bag. Originally, I had planned to rig up some strap system that could easily be detached, but low and behold, Think Tank Photo was already on top of this with their holster system. With multiple sizes, this holster has a nice snug fit on the camera. The best part is, I just attach it to the straps on the side of my pack, and its sitting there at all times ready for use. What about it getting wet you say? It won't be covered by the pack cover will it?

hazaa! Think Tank Photo thought of just that, and added a built in rain cover for the holster. When the rain is coming down, all I need to do is unzip the side pouch that holds the connected rain cover, and wrap it over the case. It has a bungee in the middle to keep it from flying off, and a tightener to make sure there are no open spots. With little pockets here and there, it can hold an extra batter, and remote with ease.

Since we won't want to pull out our Rebel all the time we have two GoPro's. With the help of GoPro, we were able to get a nice discount enabling us to get two set-ups. With an extra mount, and "vented helmet" mount, we got it to sit nicely on the pack strap, always ready to be turned on in an instant. Completely waterproof, and shooting in 1080p as well, these little guys will allow us to get those exciting shots that a relatively fragile DSLR wouldn't be able to capture. With the addition of the LCD BacPac, we can actually see what we are filming too!

With a total of 9 memory cards, (3 high-grade for the Rebel, and 6 mid-grade for the GoPros) we will be rotating them out, sending them home to be backed up on dual 2 terabyte harddrives, and then sent back to us. In order to protect them when on the trail, we are toting an Otterbox 1000, with a little foam insert inside. This crushproof and waterproof case will prevent any accidents from ruining all the hard work we accomplish.

With the help of all these great companies, and great products, we will be able to shoot some interesting stuff, and keep everything safe! Thanks to an awesome program at Think Tank Photo, when you purchase something with our special code, you get a free bag of your choice, so if you're interested in something, click here! We are looking forward to some fun shooting.