NEMO Slepeing Bags: Nocturne

As any follower of The Dusty Camel (or unfortunate bystander) knows, I love gear. I love using it, I love having it, I love reasearching it, and I most of all; love talking about it. Which is why it was so terribly difficult of me to hold off on spreading the word of the long awaited NEMO sleeping bag line.

Fortunate enough to test this bag on the Pacific Crest Trail, Andy and I were extatic about getting them, and even more so after using them. We got to test out the Nocturne: a down filled, spoon shaped bag allowing much desired leg space for snoozing in the backcountry. Featuring a duvet flap for snuggling, and ultra soft nylon shell fabric, it is even packed with the excitined new DownTek nanotechnology. 

DownTek is a revoluntionary technology that is added to down before it is used in garments, and now sleeping bags. Essentially, it creates a water resistant barrier around the down, but since it is so small (nano small, or 10^-9) it doesn't effect the loft, essentially eliminated the downfall to down (useless when wet). See this short video to get a quick glimpse into the sheer awesomness of DownTek.

DownTek Demo from Lauren Fisher on Vimeo.

Should that not be enough to ease your woes, the Nocturne is also equipped with a waterproof foot box. Since it is usually inevitable for your feet to hit the tent wall, this gives an extra layer of protection by preventing condensation from getting the base of your bag wet. 

Not only did these folks design an awesome sleeping bag, but they gave their prototypes out to nearly two dozen avid outdoorsmen and women and told us all to push it to it's limits. Afterwards, they listened to our collective input, and actually made changes to the design and construction. 

So now, I can not only give the TDC stamp of approval on these bad-boys, but I can also give you the link to check out the line, and pre-order your bag of choice (snugglers rejoice, as there is also a two person bag!).