Granite Gear eVent stuff sacks

What's the best part about having a hole in your stuff sack? Well there isn't really a good part... But if you're optimistic and look at the sunny side of things, it's much easier to take all the air out and compress the closed sack with a hole! Granite Gear is a step ahead of us all with one of the best stuff sack inventions since their original stuff sack -- eVent bottoms.

Without getting too technical, there are many different types of lamination that makes a waterproof jacket waterproof; the most durable , and breathable, being a three layer lamination. GG took this material, and used it for the bottom of their stuff sacks. What this means for us backpackers is we can close the sack, and squeeze all the air out. The waterproof bottom is breathable and allows the air to pass through, but not water giving a more compressed stuff sack, and less bulk in the pack.

Made out of a durable CorDura, these bad boys are by far my most favorite stuff sacks! With a burly roll top, and a nice sized buckle, this is a true thru-hikers stuff sack. With the largest one (25 liters) weighing in under 2 ounces, makes for a lightweight option too.

-- Ian